Hi, I'm Martina, your new personal trainer in Brno. I am an ex Swiss national Bikini Fitness Champion and mother of 3. 

Whether you're looking to lose weight, get fit, or improve your athletic performance, you've come to the right place. I am a strong proponent of Functional Training and apply it in all my work outs to make sure you stay healthy and avoid injury.

I am living proof that anything is possible with determination, discipline, and hard work. If you're looking for an English speaking personal trainer in Brno, I am at your service.

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I offer a wide range of personal training services tailored to your specific needs and goals. I will prepare a different workout for every session and will stand by your side to make sure you are carrying out the excercises correctly. Keeping you healthy is my number one priority.


We can train at the gym or, if you prefer to have some privacy, in the comfort of your home in Brno and vicinity. ALternativelzy, we can workout outdoors when the weather allows it.



Build strength with a variety of excercises using your bodyweight and free weights.


Improve stamina with a wide range of excercises including running, skipping rope, and a whole lot more. 

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If I did it, so can you. I know how difficult it can be - training, eating well. and sticking with it. I'm with you.



They say the diet is 80% of the work. Stick with the plan and you'll see results fast. 



Training correctly before and after you give birth is extremely important in order not to cause damage to your body.  

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Fun, tough, effective group training for all fitness levels. Based on US Army physical training.

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I've helped many aspiring athletes get closer to reaching their dream.


I collect data on your body, track results, and tweak workouts/diet accordingly

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I apply functional training in all my workouts. Functional training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. It leads to better joint mobility, stability, and decreases the risk of injury. Functional training builds your core strength and focuses on training only those muscles that you are actually trying to work out. 

You don't always have to lift weights in gym to build strength. Using your own body weight is as an efficient and important addition to the workout. I am a certified TRX Suspension Training and BOSU instructor, and also use the FLOWIN Friction Training. This equipment allows you to do a large number of excercises while helping you build core strength and improve balance. 

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They say that your diet is 80% of your results. The exact number is debatable but your diet is a major factor to your fitness or weight loss goals. 


I will prepare a personalised nutrition plan based on your fitness goals and will track your development closely. 


This includes measuring your body fat percentage on a regular basis and tweaking the diet and workouts to achieve maximum results.



Training correctly is extremely important during and after pregnancy. The post-natal period is often referred to as "The 4th Trimester". It is a period where women should be focusing on convalescence rather than trying to immediately lose weight. Women often feel pressure to lose weight as soon as possible after giving birth.


Athletic women very often continue to exercise at a high intensity level during pregnancy because of the fear of losing their form or gaining weight. What is often ignored is that incorrect or excessive training during pregnancy can worsen or lead to serious problems after birth like: diastasis (abdominal separation), incontinence, organ prolapse and other complications. 


This program is designed for any expecting and new mothers. It is suitable for all fitness levels including athletes and very active people. 

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I began my fitness career in Switzerland in 2010 following the birth of my second child. At the time I weighed over 100 kgI completely changed my lifestyle and diet and just 18 months later I started competing. In Autumn 2011 I entered my first Fitness Figure contest and won 3rd place in the Swiss Autumn championships, followed by 4th at the Swiss championships. In 2012 I became the Swiss IFBB Bikini Champion and came 2nd in the Miss Olympia contest. Later I found my passion in Crossfit and decided to pursue a coaching career.

In 2019 I gave birth to my 3rd baby and have since returned to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitness levels.

Whatever your goal, I will help you achieve it!


Check out my transformation in the video below!


Fitness Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer

Crossfit Level 2 / Crossfit Kids

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Training 


TRX Suspension Training

Pole Fitness



International competition titles



10'000+ HRS



Children raised



1st Place

 Bikini Class IFBB Swiss National Championship

Bikini Class IFBB Swiss Autumn Championship

2nd Place 

Bikini Class IFBB International Vienna Cup

Bikini Class EVLS Prague Amateur Miss Bikini Olympia

4th Place 

Bikini Class Arnold Classics Amateur Bikini Madrid



3rd Place 

Fitness Figure IFBB Swiss Autumn Championship

4th Place 

Fitness Figure IFBB Swiss National Championship

Zumba Dancer

This workout class is tough, efficient, crazy hard, awesome and amazing at the same time. The other mommies are really nice. The coach Martina is fantastic and really motivates you to take you out of your comfort zone in a good way. I would definitely recommend this class if you want to get in shape while it fun at the same time. 

Thanks Martina for this great class!


—  Lisette, Yummy Mommy class member


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Tel: +420 608 368 460

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